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The longer we downplay the failings of the Democratic party, the greater chance we have of Trump winning again in 2020

Source: Fake news, Russia and Comey: all poor answers to why Donald Trump won | Bhaskar Sunkara | Opinion | The Guardian

Price says establishing a $70,000 minimum wage is a moral imperative, not a business strategy. And yet he must prove the business wisdom behind it, not only to keep Gravity from sinking—and going down with the ship himself—but also to achieve his long-term goal of transforming the business world. “I want the scorecard we have as business leaders to be not about money, but about purpose, impact, and service,” he says. “I want those to be the things that we judge ourselves on.”

Source: Remember Dan Price of Gravity Payments, who gave his employees a $70,000 minimum wage? Here’s what happened next.

You can’t separate fiscal issues from social issues. They’re deeply intertwined. They affect each other. Economic issues often are social issues. And conservative fiscal policies do enormous social harm. That’s true even for the mildest, most generous version of “fiscal conservatism” — low taxes, small government, reduced regulation, a free market. These policies perpetuate human rights abuses. They make life harder for people who already have hard lives. Even if the people supporting these policies don’t intend this, the policies are racist, sexist, classist (obviously), ableist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise socially retrograde. In many ways, they do more harm than so-called “social policies” that are supposedly separate from economic ones. Here are seven reasons that “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” is nonsense…

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Museum of History removes its Winnipeg General Strike exhibit |

Elites embrace the “do what you love” mantra. But it devalues work and hurts workers.

By Miya Tokumitsu

via Do what you love, love what you do: An omnipresent mantra that’s bad for work and workers..

Canada’s auto strategy: Grovelling for crumbs in NAFTA’s grim reality |

Good jobs and better climate hinge on public transit decisions |

…Numerous studies show that improving public transit is a better job creator than building new and wider roads, and the same or lower overall transportation expenditure can produce more employment. For example, the B.C. Treasury Board estimates that a $1 million transit expenditure creates 21.4 jobs in BC, compared to 7.5 jobs for the same automotive expense and only 4.5 jobs in oil and gas…