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Canadians should pay attention to the overall quality of their diet instead of just focusing on saturated fats or other individual nutrients, the Heart and Stroke Foundation recommends.

Source: ‘Cut the crap,’ get back to nutritional basics, Heart and Stroke Foundation advises – Health – CBC News


The debate over genetically modified organisms is a great case study in how to think critically.

By William Saletan

This debate is about more than papayas. It’s about how we assess the world.

via Critical thinking lessons for the anti-GMO movement: generalizations, evidence, scrutiny, politics..

Are GMOs safe? Yes. The case against them is full of fraud, lies, and errors..

Meet The Internet Entrepreneur Profiting Off The Anti-Vaxxer Movement | ThinkProgress.

Old cholesterol warnings steeped in ‘soft science,’ may be lifted in U.S. – Health – CBC News.

Here are 500 more foods containing the yoga mat chemical –

Unfortunately this is an American list We need something similar for Canadian products. – PG