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Comment: A great longish article about Hollywood once again turning a “True Story” into an action adventure flic that plays fast and loose with the facts. There is a difference between a “True Story” and a “Based on a True Story” designation. “True Story” is better for marketing, especially to Americans who see their republic crumbling and are looking for any excuse to wave the flag. -PG.

The movie rewrites the Benghazi attack as a macho fairy tale — and does violence to the truth in the process.

Source: Michael Bay’s 13 Hours promotes some of the worst Benghazi conspiracy theories – Vox

Pretty much anyone can be
a ‘rock star’ these days —
except actual rock stars,
who are encouraged to think
of themselves as brands.

via How ‘Rock Star’ Became a Business Buzzword – The New York Times.

A reminder to NOT believe everything you read or see on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter.

What was fake on the Internet this week: alligator sex, fake-butt explosions, and Obama’s invasion of Navy kitchens – The Washington Post.

“Bill Maher and Ayaan and I would include Sam Harris, they all do one thing intentionally– and I’m saying intentionally in big letters — they don’t connect radicalization process with policies,” Jebreal continued. “They are literalists devoid of history. There’s no connection to policies, whether it’s local policies, regional policies or international policies. This is one of their biggest flaws.”

Jebreal explained that radical Islamist sects generally arise from bad policies — notably the U.S. invasion of Iraq during the Iraq War. “These people not only don’t see the connection, they are endorsing these kinds of policies,” she said. “Invasions, occupations, torture. Sam Harris said he doesn’t mind that the West would torture in order to extract information. I am horrified by that. Which liberal in the world would endorse torture? I’ve never heard of a liberal that endorsed torture. He thinks that because he’s white and he was born in the West, he is liberal? Then he takes the moral high ground when it comes to Islamist abuse and Islamist killing. I don’t understand.”

“A liberal person is somebody that challenges policies and sees the connection between policies and radicalization. You can’t endorse invasion, you can’t endorse tyrant like [Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi], you can’t endorse torture or occupation, like Bill Maher does and we saw last summer with Gaza and what happened. He would cheer up the killing. Either these people are delusional at a certain point, or they have a washed up version of what liberal means.”

“He’s a tyrant when it comes to this… don’t agree with me, you’re shunned aside and you’re the enemy. I find that horrifying,” Jebreal continued. “It’s not personal because his ideology is becoming as extremist as ever. And it’s so disappointing because he inspired many of us around the world during Iraq because we understood that that war was based on a lie before everybody else and there’s no weapons of mass destruction. We understood that they will destroy Iraq and absolutely the destruction of today is the byproduct of the lies, the deception, manipulation of the media, but above all, of the incompetence that they left behind. Bill understood that and he was an inspiration during that. He was one of the few voices absolutely speaking truth. I don’t know what happened to him. I really don’t know.”

via EXCLUSIVE: Rula Jebreal speaks out against Bill Maher and Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “The world is proving you wrong, my friends” –

via Roger Waters to Dionne Warwick: “You are showing yourself to be profoundly ignorant of what has happened in Palestine since 1947″ –

Dickipedia: Ted Nugent

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Art, Entertainment, Racism

Dickipedia: Ted Nugent.

BUT BUT BUT …. they’re terrorists aren’t they????

Musicians support Cambridge singer fined for busking.