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“There are a lot of killers. What, you think our country’s so innocent?” — Donald J. Trump, Feb.

…Of course, I could be wrong about all this, and it could be that resistance leads Trump to have second thoughts, makes civil servants across the government push back vigorously against fascism, and revives both the Democratic and Republican parties to go back to their respective liberal and conservative roots rather than the two-headed neoliberal monster they’ve become. We could have a mass movement of compassion toward immigrants, Muslims, and poor and unhealthy people in this country. The media could become a repository of diverse opinion. We could see mass support for disengagement from our wars in the Middle East and retreat from our worldwide assault on human rights. Of course, all of that could happen, in which case, go ahead, participate, engage, remain hopeful that we can go back to the thing that we’ve lost, or make it even better, and I will accept that I’m wrong.
But I know that there is nothing to hope for from our entire (neoliberal) intellectual establishment; how can there be a chance for resistance to work in that situation? They, the country’s thinkers, especially those who consider themselves progressive, are the conveyors of the virus that has led to fascism. We are not yet ready to give up empire (we call it our “world standing”), and therefore the fascism that goes with it; we just want a nice human face on it, an Obama or a reformed Hillary Clinton.
Why do I think that resistance makes fascism worse? Because it creates the illusion, for a while (as under the Obama administration), that things are getting better, but they only get worse. Resistance legitimizes, and fascism, especially, thrives on it. The two missing elements in the Bushian version of fascism were the lack of a charismatic leader and the potential of a fascist militia, the first of which has at last come true and the second of which now seems a real possibility. I would say that it’s because America is fascist but also the world’s strongest power, and administratively already possesses total capacity to destroy any entity, internally and externally, the way it wants to, that resistance only strengthens the fascist regime because it gives it something to fight against. Fascism needs an enemy to build itself against, but what if the enemy were to retreat and disappear? What would it fight against?…


Source: This Is a Fight Against Fascism—Our Resistance Tactics Have to Change | Alternet

If anything, the federal income tax isn’t soaking the rich – rather, it’s keeping the rich from paying a lower tax rate than everyone else.

Source: The U.S. Tax Code Actually Doesn’t “Soak the Rich” | CEPR Blog | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research

This is an absolute must see for anyone trying to make sense of the last forty years. It’s long at 2 hrs and 46 minutes but well worth the time spent.

NGOs and civil society groups have today criticized new plans by the European Commission and the Canadian government to include a variation of ‘corporate courts’ as part of the controversial trade deal between Canada and the EU. Trade campaigners are arguing that the commission’s proposal is simply putting ‘lipstick on a pig’ without addressing any of the fundamental criticisms of the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) that has proved to be so controversial within the CETA and TTIP negotiations.

Source: New system of corporate courts in Canada-EU trade deal condemned as ‘putting lipstick on a pig’ | Global Justice Now