American militarism

by Peter Guenther


After watching Trump’s speech to the joint session of congress last night I have to say one thing – It always amazes me how much militarism is baked into the American psyche. People weep and cry for lost loved ones every day but when it’s a military death due to illegal American military operations, the whole country melts into a pool of tears and gut-wrenching sorrow. From where I stand it just looks crazy – and scary. Americans don’t even seem to realize that their Empire is an Empire ruled by military force. They believe they are ALWAYS the good guys in white cowboy hats civilizing the world in their own image. They assume they are better than everyone else. Their arrogance is nauseating.

Trump is the quintessential American stereotype, proud, arrogant and self-righteous. He embodies the American spirit. He is not an anomaly. He is as American as it is possible to be.

Ok. Ok. That is a bit harsh. There is a rapidly decreasing number of Americans supporting Trump but, at his peak, he had half the country conned. I think it is currently down to just over forty percent. That is still far too many.

revised: 1:20 AM March 2, 2017