Here is how the Bible condones terrorism

Posted: January 8, 2016 in ISIS, Religion, Terrorism

Ammon Bundy speaks at a press conference in Oregon (screen grab)

  1. In the Bible, God controls humans by raining down death, destruction and terror on those who defy or anger him.
  2. The Bible both opens and closes with graphic descriptions of torment and fear inflicted by God and designed to keep the faithful in line.
  3. In addition to inflicting terror directly, God does so via human and nonhuman agents.
  4. During armed conflict, God and his messengers command the Israelites to slaughter civilians and destroy their homes and means of food production including livestock and orchards.
  5. As in ISIS, sexual enslavement of conquered women is one means of humiliating enemy combatants.
  6. Terror isn’t  just an Old Testament affair. In the New Testament gospels, Jesus himself threatens violence and torment against those who don’t fall in line.

Source: Here is how the Bible condones terrorism


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