Empire of the Son | National Observer

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Canadian Politics, Democracy, Media

Comment: Love the optimistic tone. This sentence made me laugh: “Brand Canada hasn’t seen power like this since Pierre’s pirouette behind the Queen.” I confess it triggered a pleasant flush of patriotic fervour. The Napoleon quotes are a hoot too. -PG

Illustration of Justin Trudeau by Victor Juhasz for National Observer

That Justin Trudeau will usher in 2016 as freshly minted prime minister of virtually unprecedented adulation has confounded all the grinches and surprised exactly nobody else.

While the cerebral sourpuss set and the purveyors of leftover Rebel t-shirts stew in their corners, everyone else in the country is partying like it’s 1999.

Canada doesn’t need reminding that Trudeau is not preternaturally gifted in the way Obama, JFK, and his own father were.

The country never gave a hoot—he’s got the royal jelly, the right stuff. Like the conquering hero Napoleon, Trudeau’s ascendance seemed pre-ordained by fate and the circumstances that preceded him…

Source: Empire of the Son | National Observer

  1. Geordie Samms says:

    He does have the right stuff to be a great leader like his father. I’m totally over the fact that he’s a young, hot looking politician– but, he is maybe doing this all a little bit too early in his life.
    What I mean is– I hope he doesn’t waste his Canadian royal jelly opportunity on this term which is too early in his personal maturity. I guess he is in the position now and we’re all in for the ride for the time being anyway. I do think he is in tune with what the younger generation wants and I would like to see the Prime Minister’s term to at least inspire new, younger Canadians to be politicians, it’s what Ottawa really needs…

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