The work of sanitizing Harper’s legacy has started already

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Canadian Politics, Democracy, Elections

By | Oct 22, 2015 8:59 pm

… The Harper-Hater meme Teneycke cites was created for one purpose and one purpose only: to shut down any meaningful criticism of our former dictator on the basis that all criticism was merely partisan cant and personal attack.

Guys like Kory were simply burning Giordano Bruno at the stake for political heresy 24/7. Who really cares if the Sun doesn’t orbit the Earth? What matters is papal infallibility, right?

Journalists who bit on that simpleton’s lure should stop rising to the bait now that the Harper Era is over. Remember, Teneycke’s idea of the perfect newsroom was one that had been emptied of journalists and topped up with party operatives. Just ask Krista Erickson.

Nor is there much more of the historian in Paul Wells’ touching but mostly irrelevant comment that he still likes Harper, whom he believes will be seen by history as an estimable prime minister, maybe even a great one.

Perhaps — but only in the way the establishment players and their inky courtiers dry-cleaned the legacy of Margaret Thatcher after her death. The issue is hardly one of liking or not liking Harper. It is, as it was with Thatcher, all about social damage and the abuse of power.

Comment:  Are we obligated to bury the hatchet? I watched for ten years as Harper destroyed the Canada I love. I won’t forgive him now. I come from a family of refugees and immigrants. and I say FU Harper. F your ideology. F your legacy. You made Canadians more ignorant and stupid, more selfish and mean, and especially, more American. You set Canada back decades. Good riddance. PG



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