The barbaric cultural practice of election pronouncements – Politics – CBC News

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Canadian Politics, Democracy, Elections

Extracts from the Comments section:


The Canadian Government doesn’t have any clue about the “limits” of some different cultures and religions. Giving citizenship to somebody covering her/his face, this government determined to have no rights, respect and security measures for its own citizens. This will be the grounds to accept everything. In Italy, the Catholic Country of the world, since there is the Pope and the Vatican City, the muslims have been imposing to take off any picture, crucifix, Saint Mary and the Catholic Saints, from the walls of any public place, including schools and government offices, without success, obviously. Now, if somebody knocks to my house and seek for help, I am ready to help, but not to be imposed his/her rules in my house. In their own bedroom, even in my house, they can pray or do everything they want, but without taking away pictures or anything they don’t like. I am entitled to be respected as well in my symbols, culture and religion. Instead, he/she should be accepting my habits and rules in my house, or she/he is free to leave and look for a place she/he likes better.

Pagunone [That’s me!]:


Holy Cow! So when do the new Citizens MandaTORY dress codes come into effect? I can hardly wait to see what Kim Jong-Harper will allow me to wear. We’ll all be dressed like Catholic school children. Harper will get “tough on fashion” crime. Everyone must dress the same so nobody feels left out. Goody goody

And then there’s comments like this:


Niqabs should be banned entirely as we show our faces in this country. If I had my way, Trudeau’s Charter of Rights would be burned as it helps only minorities and refugees. The court ruling relative to wearing a niqab during citizenship ceremonies is an absolute outrage!

So, there you have it. Freedom only applies to markets in the conservative world. If that’s not fascism what the hell is?

Source: The barbaric cultural practice of election pronouncements – Politics – CBC News


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