Four Ways To Know If The Climate Article You’re Reading Is Total B.S. | ThinkProgress

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Environment, Global Warming

by Joe Romm

… In the interest of time, let’s cut directly to the second most important thing you’ll read on climate change this year, the time-saving secrets:

  1. Skip climate articles by people who think the problem is hopeless or intractable — because it most certainly is not.
  2. Skip articles written by George Will and his ilk.
  3. Skip articles — especially longer climate essays — by authors who don’t explicitly tell you what temperature target or CO2 concentration target they embrace and how they’d go about attaining it.
  4. Skip articles embracing Orwellian terms like “good Anthropocene.” …

via Four Ways To Know If The Climate Article You’re Reading Is Total B.S. | ThinkProgress.

  1. We have done our best to consider all the evidence on various sides. Every single time… no exceptions… we’ve been directed to “read this” or “look at that” by a climate change denier, we’ve found ourselves in a world where science is simply ignored – and articles written by people who either have no expertise in the area, or who are clearly engaged in axe-grinding with former colleagues. Having traveled from Alaska to Mongolia, we don’t necessarily need scientists to tell us the planet is warming. The evidence is abundant and clear and reflected in everything from the progression of plants and animals moving north from southern climates, glaciers disappearing, and ocean temperatures warming. We’ve talked with elders in Eskimo communities and field biologists – people who have been witnessing what’s going on in given environments for decades. Without exceptions, they have told us the same thing: It’s getting warmer.

    • Deniers like to think of themselves as “skeptics”. Problem is they haven’t got a clue what that actually means in science. It involves having valid fact-based criticism not grandiose conspiracy theories. Denying global warming today is the equivalent of denying gravity or evolution. It’s a battle between those who think humanity advances by fierce competition or by rational cooperation. In most of the world the debate is over, America being the exception. Hopefully this year will be the tipping point wherein the world finally acts.

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