Modernizing Jewish prayer – Washington Post

Posted: March 15, 2015 in Religion

Modernizing Jewish prayer – Washington Post.

Beloved Friend
who calls us to conscience
reminds of our own strength,
invites us to grow,
empowers us to act.
Cosmic mysteries are Yours,
but the earth is ours
to tend and heal as best we can.
Beloved Partner in creation,
we join our strength with Yours
to make You real and true.

My Lord is not a shepherd
and I am not His sheep.
No monarch greedy for my praise
is worthy of my prayers.
Oneness that exploded into cosmos,
spun the double helix
over eons of evolution,
made all things beautiful in their time,
gave me intellect and initiative
to envision Oneness:
a single chain of life
a single human family
and myself one part –
responsible and responsive,
member of a people
who dreamed of Oneness,
worked and suffered for its sake,
and still lives in service to that Unity:
This I honor. This I hold sacred.

Cosmic Mysteries … The earth is ours. Based on Psalm 115:16
Made All Things Beautiful in their Time, Ecclesiastes 3:11


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