Venezuela’s Deep Political Education Means They Will Withstand Right-Wing Protests

Posted: March 3, 2014 in American Politics

Venezuela’s Deep Political Education Means They Will Withstand Right-Wing Protests-AlterNet

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The misinformation in most of the media about the protests in Venezuela is really astounding. Often the opposite of reality is repeated as if it were true. Americans who rely on the corporate mass media, politicians and corrupted non-profits might fall for these tales, but the Venezuelans know what is really happening.

Venezuelans have gone through fourteen years of abuse and lies, including a coup attempt. They know what is really occurring in their economy and political system and are aware that their government is in a battle with the power of money both internally as well as with the US Empire. In every election since 2002 Venezuelans have shown that their deep political education, participatory democracy and experience will overcome the falsehoods of the opposition. The violent actions of the opposition and intentional undermining of the economy are signs of an oligarch class that has lost power and is desperate. It must work outside of democracy to try to re-take control of the government.

Maria Paez Victor told us that the opposition will fail because they have no political base outside of the wealthy class.  She writes:

“These violent tactics have no hope of succeeding because, unlike 1999, the Venezuelan people are now organized into many groups: the communal councils, the communes, the thousands of health, security, militia, sports, educational, cultural committees. The Bolivarian Revolution has fostered, not a mass of people, but an organized organic population that makes decisions about its living conditions along with its government because Venezuela is now a fully functioning participatory democracy.”

Polls show President Maduro is the most popular president in Latin America and the people of Venezuela are not fooled by the oligarch protests. According to a poll by International Consulting Services (ICS), 85.3% of Venezuelans disagree with protests mounted by sectors of the ultra-Venezuelan right. The poll found 81.6% of Venezuelans say that it is the opposition protests that have been violent and 91.3% replied that preserving Venezuelan democracy is very important.  The people of Venezuela do not want their democracy undermined by a mob demanding regime change.

President Maduro knows that the real source of these protests come from the United States trying to put in place a government friendly to US interests.  On February 22nd , President Maduro made an offer to President Obama saying: “Let’s initiate a high-level dialogue and let’s put the truth out on the table.” As you will see below, the United States is a primary player in the opposition to the Maduro government but we know President Obama does not want the US role exposed, so don’t expect talks between Maduro and Obama anytime soon.

This article seeks to address many of the common statements heard by the opposition and the US government about Venezuela because there are so many obviously false statements being made by both. The United States wants Americans to be confused because they do not want us to know that participatory democracy is possible, that people can be empowered to manage their lives and that there are alternatives to the big finance capitalism model that is failing in the United States.

Below are responses to four falsehoods followed by one truth you will not hear in the US media.

Falsehood #1 The Maduro government a dictatorship.

Venezuela is one of the most democratic nations on Earth. Here are  some facts about democracy in Venezuela:

“Regarding the supposed ‘democratic deficit of the Venezuelan regime’, the facts speak for themselves. Since 1998 there have been four national plebiscites, four presidential elections, and eleven parliamentary, regional, and municipal elections. Venezuela is the Latin American country with the highest number of elections and it also has an automatic electoral system (much more modern than Chile’s),  described by Jimmy Carter, who has observed 92 elections in all continents, as ‘the best system in the world.’”

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